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7:58 PM, Mar 24 2020

A representation of Trustees left for Leeds for the Provincial Service on Thursday 7th November 2019. As we were waiting for the service to start in the Minster, we saw a group from Darlington and many old friends. Despite the heavy rain spirits were high. The speaker was Mrs.Sheran Harper our Worldwide President who had been in Durham the day before and greatly acknowledged Durham Diocese during her talk, and the warm welcome she received.Everyone was impressed by her determination to God and the Mothers' union the influence of Mary Sumner is still an important part of what we do today.

Sheran spoke for 45minutes, however it certainly did not seem that long. She persevered against the Bishop before she went to the indigenous area and people of Guyana, because the local clergy had said there were 40 women who were desperate to be involved in M. U., however malaria was bad and the roads were dangerous.The Bishop kept saying they could not go, in the end they decided to go and 40 new members were enrolled and given a badge and certificate and for these women this was their only possessions. These new members were desperate for the skills to improve the quality of their lives.

We then had the Eucharist, Kathleen assisted with the Chalice, and when the service was over there was a Q&A session with Sheran, several of the questions were submitted by Durham, these were answered, one of which was where did Sheran see the M?U. in the future? Her reply was that she thinks it will double in ten years.

Our journey home was a little fraught, as I mentioned before it was raining heavy and there had been lots of flooding, in some respects we were lucky to get back home albeit a lot later than we should have been.


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