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5:38 PM, Jun 16 2020

Due to COVID 19 restrictions and meetings not taking place, it was decided not to have a Spring/Summer edition of ‘The Newsround’. However as restrictions are slowly lifted we hopefully may be able to meet in the autumn.

 I will produce an edition in October because we need to publish the announcements. I appreciate that as a group all your plans have been upset and will not have much to report –no summer outings being one. However I am sure that behind the scenes some of you will have been helping out in many many ways. You will have tales to tell of your ‘call to arms’, funny instances (because they have been some eg your first Zoom call!), your isolations stories, how you have occupied yourself, the list is endless.

 So even if groups do not meet please get in touch as individuals with your stories. If nothing else it will be a memorial to the difficult times we have been through. All my different contact details are in the magazine. Deadline is October 10th

Looking forward to your stories


Joan Parr

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