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We had our last meeting of the summer on 15.7.19. and we were very fortunate to have several visitors. Our President Kathleen Wilson and Hannah AJA who is staying at St. Johns College with her father Bishop Francis Loyo of South Sudan.

Hannah is a very intelligent and articulate young lady aged 26, and speaks seven languages, and is a Mothers’ Union member, as was her mother who was also Diocesan President.

Hannah has been speaking to several schools in villages around Durham telling the young people of her project, which is providing re-useable Sanitary Towels for girls and women in South Sudan and Uganda. She has been doing this for six years successfully but with hardships, as she is providing funding herself through her salary as a Laboratory Technician in a hospital in Uganda. Hannah told us how she first saw an 8 year old girl sitting on a patch of soil with no pants on and unable to go to school because she was having her period, this made her very angry so she went to talk to her mother to see what was happening and what she could do, she had not started menstruating.

She went back to Uganda and was laying bricks to get money for University Fees where she got a degree in Public Health and while she was at university her parents helped provide a sewing machine and finance for material. She made20-25 Sanitary Towels a day and so far, 1500 girls have been helped, Hannah trains local women who then are able to train young girls to make Sanitary Towels for themselves. Hannah told me of the shock from young girls in County Durham, I suppose they are used to go to the shops or parents provide for them.

Bishop Francis Loyo and Hannah’s mum Mrs. Linda Loyo provided financial help for Hannah with this project while she was at university and sadly last year Hannah’s mum passed away, so that was how Hannah came to Durham as an escort for her father.

Kathleen Wilson presented a cheque to Hannah on behalf of the Diocese and after our meeting closed a cake and fellowship was shared with many members keen to talk to Hannah and a collection was taken with our ladies generously giving £220

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